Job offers: two predoctoral contracts

Two PhD fellowships (predoctoral contracts for three years) are available. Applicants should have obtained their Bachelor's degree in a country other than Spain no earlier than January 1, 2013. Gross monthly salary will be €1400. Applications including CV, detailed academic record and two letters of recommendation should be sent to Prof. José Luis Micol and Prof. María Rosa Ponce.

Funding source: Ayudas del programa Santiago Grisolía para la contratación de personal investigador en formación de carácter predoctoral que hayan obtenido una titulación universitaria por una institución no española (Generalitat Valenciana, 2016-2019).

The titles of the thesis projects are:

  • Transcriptional regulation of the ARGONAUTE1 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana (GRISOLIA/2016/134). Principal investigator: María Rosa Ponce.
  • A new component of the Arabidopsis epigenetic machinery (GRISOLIA/2016/131). Principal investigator: José Luis Micol.

Additional information can be found at Annex IV (page 25280) of Orden 6/2015 del DOCV de 15/9/2016.